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435 Muskoka Road North

Apartments/Apartment Building Renovation

Complete re-development of the site in downtown Gravenhurst.  The budget for phase one this project was approximately $350,000.

Phase 2 is targeted in 2022 with a target budget of $1,020,000.

Inn at the Falls

Real-estate Development Project

A restoration project spanning multiple years and over a 2 million in development covering plumbing, electrical, rooms, landscaping, restaurant and pub.

Current renovations include:

  • Rooms/balcony updates

  • Rebuild pub

  • New commercial kitchen

  • Business center

  • New deck/railing/hallways

  • Repointed stone and chimneys

  • Boiler/heating system

  • Siding

  • Parking

Apartment Renovation/Management

Successful Renovations

Over the last 5 years, we have renovated over 40 units from bathrooms, flooring to entire rebuilds.

We have built units from the ground up, replacing walls, kitchens, bathrooms, electrical and plumbing as needed.