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Property Management and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive property management and maintenance services for apartments, houses, commercial businesses and vacation rentals.

We can provide maintenance services such has: 

  • Renovations including door replacements, window replacements, patio door replacements, new kitchens, new bathrooms, fencing

  • Electrical repairs, installations

  • Building maintenance including painting, drywall, siding and more

Our leasing service provides clients with the opportunity to have prospective tenants visit their properties, and supports all steps in leasing property with the clients approval. Additionally, we offer a lease agreement with recommended appendixes, and ensure that all necessary paperwork is properly maintained.  With our experience of over 20 years of qualifying tenants, we are well positioned to help you find the matching tenant for your property.

Clients can deal with us for maintenance issues as the needs arise or we can tailor a maintenance package to their needs.

The tailored package includes an evaluation of the customers property, a optional maintenance/renovation plan, and tenanting/leasing services.   All with a cost effective price.

Our maintenance and renovation plan is designed to bring out the best in your property and optimize future maintenance costs. Our tailored approach ensures that your property is given the attention and care it deserves, while also saving you money in the long run.

Contact us today to experience our professional/efficient management and leasing services!

Call or text us now at 705-710-0498

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