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8 Unit building in Kingston

Renovating 6 out of the 8 apartments, transforming the centralized hydronic heating system to individual baseboard heaters with separate hydro metering. The project also include the garage, with the application of stucco, a new sizable garage door, and replacement of outdated windows. Finally, we updated the networking and added video cameras monitoring for added security.


Contact us today for a successful renovation experience!

This is a 8 unit building in Kingston ontario.

8 Unit Building in Kingston

Renovate 7 out of the 8 units in this building.  Update basement for fire proofing, improvements in foundation walls for water proofing, and parking lot expansions.  Removal of large tree and landscaping.

This is a 8 unit apartment building in Kingston ON.

24 Unit Building in Gravenhurst

Renovation of 12 of the 20 residential units.  Renovations 4 of the 4 commercial units.  Fire code updates, building networking and electrical updates.  

This is a 24 unit building in Gravenhurst ON.

Single Family House in Bracebridge

Single family house renovation along with basement repairs. Flood damage repairs.

This is a 3 bedroom and 1 garage unit in Bracebridge ON.

Hotel Renovation

A restoration project spanning multiple years and over a 1.5 million in development covering plumbing, electrical, all 20 rooms, landscaping, kitchen, meeting areas, restaurant and pub.

Current renovations include:

  • Rooms/balcony updates

  • Rebuild pub

  • New commercial kitchen

  • Business center

  • New deck/railing/hallways

  • Repointed stone and chimneys

  • Boiler/heating system

  • Siding

  • Parking

This is a Inn in Bracebridge ON.

6 Unit Building in Kingston

Renovation services for a 6-unit building, including the addition of kitchen islands, full bathroom remodels, extensive drywall repairs, and final tenanting of the building. Let us transform your building into a modern and attractive living space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring your renovation vision to life!

This is a 6 unit apartment building in Kingston Ontario.

4 Unit Building - 2 Commercial and 2 Residential 

Totally renovated building, stripping it down to studs.  Addition of accessible bathrooms.  Cleaning up of 2 - 2 bedroom units.  Complete rebuild of the commercial unit.  Stucco and siding updates.  Phase 2 of this project includes a 6 unit building update.

This is a 2 commercial and two residential building in Gravenhurst ON.

Triplex in Bracebridge

Renovations and addition of a one bedroom unit including permits.  New roof and flashing/eves trough updates.  Expansion for parking lot along with stuccing and new sidewalks.

Landscaping services cleaned up the yard, removed scrub and trimmed trees to polish the property off.

Finally a good coat of paint.

This is a 3 unit apartment building in Bracebridge ON.

9 Unit Building in Gravenhurst

Winterize all units, adding baseboard heating and the removal of a furnace.  Renovations of 3 cabins, including flooring, walls and venting.  Complete renovation of one 5 bedroom.

This is a 9 unit building in Gravenhurst ON.
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